Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello Friends

Do you ever get bored with your tunes? I do too, although sometimes I will listen to the same songs  repeatedly because I just get obsessed with a specific sound. These obssesions with music have fueled my interests of seeking out bands I've never heard of or, just looking for more to inspire me.
When I was a kid, I could remember riding around in the car with my mom as she belted out verses by Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones, or coming home from school to her cleaning the house with Duran Duran and Nirvana flowing out of the speakers like ropes lassoing me in.

As a result, I would confiscate her CD's and play them in my boombox, or give myself the stage in the livingroom while no one was home. I never wanted to become a singer but I knew I loved music and I drew a connection to it with happiness. I joined the choir in Elementary school and continued through to my senior year in High school. This experience taught me to listen, giving me the ear I have today for music. What I choose to listen to are my personal interests; I hear specific details that makes a song great to me.

I listen to various styles of music and I find talent in all genres, which has broaden my library of tunes and allowed me to learn a little more about specific styles. One way that I like to learn about a person I just met is to ask them, "who there favorite bands are," or "what they are listening to right now."  I have discovered a lot of new music this way. I am a huge concert junkie and I constantly search my favorite sites to all things  music in my area. In addition, I have a job at an entertainment venue that gives me a front row view of the bands while I'm working which has given me different perspective on sounds becasue I see the process of setting up the stage  from tuning the instruments.

Note.Worthy.Tunes. will be my outlet to the world. The Concerts and Photos that I will share, I hope will inspire someone to listen to something they have never heard, or through my links, see a band they never seen before. This will be a journey for all of us, "Rock on."

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