Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In response to Pop Life by Rob Sheffield

In response to Rob Sheffield's blog  " MTV to Music: We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together" ,  He talks about Katy Perry and her eye-rolling, throat clearing responses to the awards given to her obvious disregarded interest  of young-Pop  "One Direction", amongst other interesting artists behavior of the evening. I am going to avoid burning the hopes and dreams of Tweens all over who voted for this group, I would say I respect what they are doing. But my question is, " Does MTV appeal to  a broad listening group or just twelve year old and sounds that are meant to Brainwash people to social conformity? I remember when MTV was cool, and I could turn to the channel to SEE music which is almost as essential to the listening part. To show music videos other than "One Direction" or "Justin Bieber" would be to digress to a more diverse audience and share more music that isn't necessarily blaring through the radio stations. I understand this was a POP column so I set myself up to disagree with what in my opinion is worthy tunes, that the VMA's celebrates as "best new video" and, " best Share-worthy Video." I guess if I was a teenager maybe these bands would have more of an impact on my listening/viewing experience, but I doubt it.

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