Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sorry .

 I'm sorry I lost all your Cd's when I was younger. I still hear you say, " I wonder what happened to all my Pink Floyd CD's?"I loved listening to The Wall on your Cd player, and twirling around the living room. I'm sorry that I found your Nirvana Nevermind album and brought it to Amy's house...then left it in her boombox.

I'm sorry for feeling like the car was sometimes turned into a purgatory. I remember you would sing out loud in the car, and I would be pressing my face against the window. At that time, I thought it was embarrassing. At eleven years old, I loved Duran,Duran and R.E.M. , the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

     All of these musicians have had an impact on  my selective ears.   Finally, I am sorry mom. Sorry that you had what I think is exceptional taste in music, and indirectly giving me access to epic tunes.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Matt & Kim: Balloons anyone?

     The balloons were quickly inflated with excitement after Kim (from Matt&Kim) invited herself into the crowd handing out limp rubber and instructed them to be blown up and alive for the next song.

     Matt&Kim are the notorious, high energy couple that has continued to lure their fans on the most recent album, "Lightening". Although I was working, I was able to see why this band is a such a vision. I'm not a dancer, I "sway". My sway is more like my head grooving around with a sound that I am totally in touch with. I was MOVING. Feet off the ground, hands in the air, pulsating with every synthesized beat from Matts keyboard and kicking with every bounce off Kims drums.
     The backdrop that normally would illustrate  an image of the album cover, was transformed into a digital billboard that was projecting a close up of their faces. I could see the beads of sweat dripping down Kims face, as she maliciously beat her drums while demanding the attention from the endeared audience. At one point, Matt was standing on his keyboard, nailing each key with his hammering finger tips.
This melodic, experimental pop-duo has an infectious sound and personality that is sure to have a song that will find its way to your ears.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Matt & Kim tonight- "Lets go!"

I remember hearing Matt & Kims video for "Daylight" playing in a store I used to work at a few years ago. I really had no clue who they were, but the song was catchy enough for me to remember the artists. Tonight, the boy and girl Indie duo will take the stage at The Ritz in Ybor city along with the opening act, Oberhofer to continue with the Lightening tour. Hope some of you can make it!

"Lessons Learned" Music Video (Left)
"Lets Go" Music Video (left)

Monday, October 15, 2012

48 minutes of pleasure

I was infatuated with what I heard, and I can't stop listening.When you find something you really enjoy listening to, it's pretty much on repeat. I get pretty obsessed with music, so when Grizzly Bear released their fourth studio album Shields, I was curious how it would compare to the others.

The American Indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York known as Grizzly Bear, consist of four members including songwriter/vocalist Ed Droste, who composed the first album in his apartment as a solo home project.The additional contributors of this modest home project later formed as the band Grizzly Bear, and released the developed project in 2004, Horn of Plenty. I really like "Alligator" and "This Song" from Horn Of Plenty. The sound of this band is suttle and sweet. The simple harmony of these guys will send you into a dreamy sweep, emphasizing on their haunting voices.

The following two albums Yellow House (2006) and Veckatimest (2009) proved to their audience that they can be diverse and inspiring with their folk-indie sounds complimenting the experimental ingenuity between "Easier" and "Two Weeks" to keep us interested in the whole album. These tracks offer a bevy of instrumental influence thanks to multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor, while the band expels sounds of Baroque pop and psychedelic mood swings that allows the tuned ear to grasp the potential influences for Grizzly Bear, such as The Beach Boys, The Smiths, and Radiohead.

"The sky keeps staring at me..."  are the lyrics from "Gun-Shy" that prompted me to quickly purchase the entire 48 minutes of the Shields album. When I listened to this song for hundredth time, I drew influences from  Sultans of Swing (this song is pretty sweet) by the Dire Straits. Most of the time, you can hear dominant influences within a certain bands albums/songs. I think its fun to pick them out, and to get other peoples opinion, because everyone is going to hear a song differently.

I have literally been listening to this album the past three days since I got it, and I haven't bought a whole album ( besides my precious vinyls) since Radiohead came out with King Of Limbs (along with many other of their albums I've collected).

**Grizzly Bear has some unique music videos like this one for Ready, Able off of Veckatimest.

Unfortunately, this is one band I have yet to have the opportunity to see live. Keep your fingers crossed for a Florida date!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are you going?

Do you have your tickets to the concert? I hate finding out about a concert after they've came and gone. The Tampa Bay area has a lot of talent that comes through the area and they must not be missed! I am fortumate enough to work at an amazing establishment that books a lot of great bands, so I always know when they are playing at The Ritz Ybor.

The Fall/Winter season brings a lot of great shows for all ears. I have a little obsession with going to concerts and I want all of you to know when they are coming! Below you will find a list of links that I use to stay updated on future shows.

The Ritz Ybor Tampa,Florida.

Statemedia dot com.



I encourage everyone to see a concert this semester and to post your experiences on this blog. I would love to hear about them, and see some pictures of bands and venues. I always like to ask people what they listen to, its how I learn a little about them. So, I would like to learn a little about who my reader are, so take a look at the links, and go see some shows!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Metric was electric !

"I'm just as fucked up as they say", front woman Emily Haines of Metric opens up the show with their new song "Artificial  Nocturne". The show was epic with the eerie stage set-up as they came out into a smoky haze, with silhouettes outlined by gleaming blue lights.  In addition to the laser light show that was scanning the crowd, while highlighting all the reaching hands. The sound was impeccable thanks to their amazing talent accompanied by a great sound team.

Since Fall has arrived, so has a new crop of concert dates, like  Metric last Saturday night at The Ritz Ybor in Tampa, Florida. I have never seen this Indie Rock band from Toronto, but I have collected many songs from their various albums like: Fantasies, Grow up and blow away, Live it out, and Old World Underground, where are you now? . Metric  just came out with their new self-released album Synthetica making it their fifth studio album.

I would also like to mention the opening act, Half Moon Run who captured the audience as if they were the main event. When they walked onto stage, I had no idea who this three man band from Montreal was, but I quickly started writing songs down to download them later. This night was an amazing experience and I look forward to sharing my next concert!.