Monday, October 29, 2012

Matt & Kim: Balloons anyone?

     The balloons were quickly inflated with excitement after Kim (from Matt&Kim) invited herself into the crowd handing out limp rubber and instructed them to be blown up and alive for the next song.

     Matt&Kim are the notorious, high energy couple that has continued to lure their fans on the most recent album, "Lightening". Although I was working, I was able to see why this band is a such a vision. I'm not a dancer, I "sway". My sway is more like my head grooving around with a sound that I am totally in touch with. I was MOVING. Feet off the ground, hands in the air, pulsating with every synthesized beat from Matts keyboard and kicking with every bounce off Kims drums.
     The backdrop that normally would illustrate  an image of the album cover, was transformed into a digital billboard that was projecting a close up of their faces. I could see the beads of sweat dripping down Kims face, as she maliciously beat her drums while demanding the attention from the endeared audience. At one point, Matt was standing on his keyboard, nailing each key with his hammering finger tips.
This melodic, experimental pop-duo has an infectious sound and personality that is sure to have a song that will find its way to your ears.


  1. reading this article makes me think this was more of a surreal hallucination than a real life experience lol. ive been to a few intense shows but nothing that could be explained remotely close to what youve said. certainly no keyboard stands or key hammering goin on, guess i need to go to better shows then?

  2. You could say that haha. Matt&Kim are a crowd pleaser and their stage presence is known once the music starts. I had no idea what I was about to experience. Pretty sweet nonetheless.

  3. Merrrrr I'm so sad I missed this concert. I've loved them since I heard "Daylight". Awesome. Your post says you were working. What were you doing-bartending??

    1. That was the first song I heard of theirs as well. I thought they were fun and upbeat! The fact that it's only the two of them that produce such diverse music signified for me, their talent.